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[DEAL] 1TB Western Digital internal laptop harddisk at Rs.1,999!

Want a 1TB Western Digital internal harddisk for your laptop, or to use in an external casing as an external drive, without shelling too much for it?

Here is the cheapest option:
Buy Canon's Connect Station (one of their utterly failed products they are now selling very low) from Flipkart, and remove the 1TB hard disk from it.
Here is the link to the product:

It used to sell at Rs.999 during their big billion days,
and now seems to be selling at 1,999 for quite some time,
which too isn't bad of a deal for a 1TB WD harddisk.

If you dig deeper, you could also find a wifi card that you could make use of (if your laptop's wifi card has gone bonkers).

And here is how you take out the harddisk from it:

To make it work as an external hard disk with pretty decent speeds, just add an external USB 3.0 SATA hard disk casing to it.
Here is the link to a decent one on, with pretty good reviews:

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