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One thing I would like my team to have: Psychological Safety, as explained by Amy Edmondson at TEDx:

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How to monitor CPU temperature in Ubuntu 14.04

CPU temperature is usually good between 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

To monitor CPU temperature, you can use the following:

Install lm-sensors:
sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
sudo sensors detect
sudo service kmod start


Learning Life - Focus

The world is full of interesting things.

Things that excite you. Things that make you happy.

Things that make you wonder. Things that make you dream.

And the list never ends.

But the men we are, the time that we have on this earth is limited.

And it is upon us, to prioritise.

To focus on what is most important to us, and to say no to what is not.

So that we can do best on what matters the most.

That, when you look back one day, you'll be the most happy.

How to add multiple remote servers to a Git repository so that it can push to both GitHub and GitLab

I had this particular case of adding a git repository to multiple servers - one, GitHub, and the other running GitLab.

The code was already being pushed to my GitLab server, when a client wanted the code to be pushed to the development branch of a project in his GitHub account.

This is what I did to get it working:


How to find and install Epson CX5500 All-In-One Scanner drivers on Ubuntu

To install Epson CX5500 scanner driver in Ubuntu, they have made a utility called "iscan" / "ImageScan! for Linux".

You can download the latest version from some of Epson's global sites (Use the steps towards the end of this article to see how I navigated through their numerous archives).

Setting up a LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) development environment on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) LTS for local Drupal/Wordpress development

This is how I normally set up my local Drupal development machines after a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (desktop/MATE edition) install.

1. Install required packages

From Terminal, execute the following command to update the repository information and to get the system up-to-date:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Next, install some basic necessities:

[SOLVED] How to fix the Bootloop issue on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S LT18i usually brought about by switching on Bluetooth

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S LT18i, an excellent phone of its times, is still a pretty decent phone to live with with all that Sony goodness in it.

The only sadness is that the item is out of support - both on the software as well as hardware sides, primarily because Sony and Ericsson parted ways.

How to do a hard reset on Moto G 2nd generation XT1068 Android mobile phone

The Motorola XT1068, or the Moto G 2nd generation (2014) as it is more commonly known, is a wonderful Android device that brought a lot of Google goodness - both in design and performance - in a very fairly priced Android phone for the masses.

And this phone has been seeing very fast OS update cycles - almost as quick as Google's own Nexus series. And for this reason, this phone has found quite a lot of love in the fan circles, which results is a lot of great user-generated documentation for all kinds of user scenarios.

Installing and configuring a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server to host multiple Drupal websites

Here is the procedure that I normally follow for installing and configuring a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 server to host multiple Drupal websites:

Login as root, and run the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get autoremove
shutdown -r now

Add a new user to host the Drupal websites:

adduser USERNAME

Grant sudo permissions.:

sudo usermod -a -G sudo USERNAME

Then login as that user, and run the rest of the steps listed below.

Install latest git from official PPA:

Why, my dear Government, are we trying to hide the "India's Daughter" documentary from our public?

This documentary is such an important message to the whole of India.
Why then, my dear Government, are we trying to hide it from the eyes and ears of our public?

This crime charge is not just upon those rapists. It is also upon the way we failed, as a society, to educate them into men who knew how to treat women.
Let us not be afraid to face our worst crimes.

Let us watch, listen, ponder, share and teach ourselves the history of this crime and every other.


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